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NATE Certification: Why You Should Rely on Technicians With This insignia

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Feel free to set your expectations high when hiring an HVAC technician. And a good way to ensure that your high expectations will be met is by hiring a technician with NATE certification, an achievement attained by a small percentage of heating and air conditioning technicians.

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, and there are several reasons why you should rely on technicians with this insignia (literally, since the technicians proudly display the purple and yellow patch on their uniforms).

For one, a technician with NATE certification has proven his mettle, both on the job and through testing. This is one of the hallmarks of NATE certification: Technicians must log professional, on-the-job experience before they are allowed to take a series of increasingly difficult, hands-on tests. For example, candidates must:

  • Be on the job at least one year before taking installation technician tests
  • Log at least two years before taking service technician tests
  • Complete five years on the job before taking senior-level technician status

At the end, NATE technicians boast unparalleled technical skill and superiority about HVAC maintenance, installation and service issues. But it’s consumers who truly reap the benefits, a survey shows. After their HVAC systems were serviced by a NATE technician, about 85 percent of customers were so impressed by the quality of service they received that they said they would ask for the same technician—a breathtaking result that is virtually unheard of in the HVAC industry.

Pressed for details, these customers said they were particularly impressed by the technicians':

  • Speedy and efficient service
  • Friendly, conscientious and polite manner
  • Helpful maintenance hints about their HVAC system

Perhaps best of all, these customers required fewer call-backs; the job was done right the first time, which makes sense considering the technicians’ technical prowess. This fact is particularly noteworthy in light of the increasingly technical standards of today's Energy Star systems. For consumers, the skill of NATE technicians should enhance their peace of mind.

When your HVAC system needs service, set your expectations as high as you’d like and then call Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating. You’ll understand why we put such a premium on NATE certification.

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