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Ductless Mini Splits Require Maintenance Too -- What Needs to Happen Regularly

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Because they're so quiet and unobtrusive, ductless mini splits are easy to overlook when it comes time for regular household maintenance. If you want to keep your system running efficiently and trouble-free, make sure these ductless mini split maintenance steps are on your do-to list. 

Clean the filters and IAQ components – Your Mitsubishi system's indoor air handler contains a hybrid catechin filter and a blue-enzyme filter. Advanced systems also contain a platinum catalyst filter. Check the first two filters every one to three months. Just open the air handler, slide out the filters, and either vacuum them or, if necessary, wash them with warm water and mild dish detergent.

Clean the evaporator coils
– Once a year, check the evaporator coils in your indoor unit for a buildup of dust, mold or other debris. If you find buildup, use a stiff brush to remove it. If you're not sure how to access the evaporator coils or you find a leak, contact an authorized Mitsubishi dealer for professional ductless mini split maintenance service.

Check the indoor fan wheel and blower assembly – The fan wheel in your blower must be properly balanced to work efficiently and quietly. An off-balance fan will vibrate and create noise. If you can access the blower, you can test the fan balance by spinning the blower wheel. If it wobbles or rubs anything nearby, call a professional to correct the balance.

Clean the outdoor condenser unit
– Periodically clear leaves and other debris away from the condensing unit. Once a year, hose off the unit to remove dirt. Outdoor units can settle and shift, so check that yours sits level on its concrete pad. Inside the unit, look for oily residue, possibly covered by dust, on the copper pipes in your condenser and line set. This residue indicates a refrigerant leak.

DIY maintenance helps, but your system should still receive annual professional care. If you haven't scheduled ductless mini split maintenance within the last year, your system may be operating inefficiently. To have your system inspected, use Mitsubishi Comfort Dealers to find a local authorized Mitsubishi Electric contractor.

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