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How Are Ductless Systems Installed?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

How are ductless systems installed is a frequent question for contractors. Ductless air conditioners work more efficiently and cool larger spaces than similarly rated window or portable units. They are suitable for areas ranging from 300 to 1,500 square feet with 9,000 - 36,000 BTUs of cooling power. Because there‘s no ductwork, installation is faster and less invasive to your home’s construction in comparison to central air conditioning.

Always Seek Professional Advice

Because ductless systems are rather small compared to central A/C units, homeowners may be tempted to try to install them on their own. Unlike a window unit, ductless systems are meant to be permanent. While these units are less difficult to install than a central A/C, your warranty may be voided without professional help. Installation mistakes can be costly.

How ductless systems are installed depends on how they will be used. Most units are mounted through an exterior wall. Ceiling mounts are less common and do not allow different cooling zones. Wall mounts allow zones, where one unit can independently control the temperature of two or more rooms with a handheld remote control. Like central A/C units, ductless systems place the compressor outside and evaporator coils inside. The blower fan, electrical wires, refrigerant lines, and drain lines run through a small hole to the outside.

With cooling zones, an additional air handler for each room is the best option. In some cases, one air handler may be large enough for two rooms. If so, the total BTUs needed to cool both rooms must not be larger than the unit's capacity. Professional contractors can accurately calculate how large a system and how many air handlers you need.

Advantages of ductless systems: 

  • Zone cooling allows different temperatures in separate rooms.
  • Unlike widow units, the loudest part of the system is outside.
  • They are highly efficient because there is no cooling loss like that commonly found in ductwork.
  • Connections require the maximum of a 3-inch hole in your wall.
  • They are excellent for open spaces which are hard to cool.

Contact your local Mitsubishi Electric contractor to learn more when you are wondering how are ductless systems installed.

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