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Ductless Mini Splits Come in Many Types: Read All About Them

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ductless mini splits are available in many designs that offer homeowners practical installation advantages for cooling and heating rooms in the home with existing comfort issues, and remodeled rooms and room additions. If you're looking for the best and most energy-efficient way to provide cooling and heating for your difficult-to-reach rooms or home-improvement project, ductless systems deserve special consideration.

Convenience, Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini splits are split-system heat pumps and air conditioners with components that provide cooling and heating without the need for air ducts. A thin conduit containing the refrigerant, power and drainage components is routed through walls and/or the attic, and connects the outside unit to sleek indoor air handlers mounted in the immediate areas needing cooling and heating. The air handlers are available in four convenient installation options:

  • Wall mounted: The typical ductless installation requires a small hole (three to four inches diameter) in the outer wall of the home for the conduit to connect the outdoor compressor/condenser to one or more air handlers. The conduit requires another small hole through the interior drywall where the air handler is to be mounted, which is typically high on the wall to save space and for optimal air circulation. The wall-mounted air handler is sleek and unobtrusive.
  • Ceiling mounted: Air handlers may also be mounted directly to any ceiling surface, rather than mounting them to the wall.
  • Floor mounted: Floor mounting along the baseboard is another option of ductless systems. This installation provides the easiest access to system components, which is convenient for checking the filter and indoor-air quality components.
  • Ceiling cassette: If you're installing an air handler in a room with a suspended ceiling, you may opt to install the air handler flush for more pleasing aesthetics. The ceiling cassette air handler is recessed into a ceiling panel so that only the grille is visible, similar to the look of the supply outlets of a central system.

Installing ductless mini splits requires experience and specific knowledge of ductless systems, and no one knows energy-efficient Mitsubishi ductless systems like your certified Mitsubishi contractor. Contact us for information, advice or to locate the U.S.-based Mitsubishi Electric Contractor nearest you.

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