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Many Benefits of Ductless Systems: Learn What They Are

Monday, September 23, 2013

If you're looking for an efficient and practical way to cool and heat room additions, retrofitted spaces, stuffy rooms and any other area of the home, take a few moments to explore the benefits of ductless systems by Mitsubishi Electric for your home improvement project. You'll enjoy comfort personalized to your lifestyle in any room, with room to spare in your energy budget.

Benefits of Ductless Systems

Ductless mini splits are air-source A/Cs and heat pumps with redesigned compact components offering versatile installation options which save space, save energy and save the hassle, time and expense of extending bulky ducts or installing a wall/window A/C unit. From quiet operation to practical cooling and heating solutions when no other will do, it may be difficult to decide which feature is your favorite.

Position the outdoor unit practically anywhere you like for convenience and aesthetics, with a conduit that extends over 100 feet to connect with each indoor air handler (evaporator/blower). The air handlers may be mounted high on walls to save space, hung flush in a suspended ceiling or mounted to any ceiling or on the floor.

Multiple Cooling and Heating Options

A favorite benefit of Mitsubishi ductless systems is the option of installing a single air handler or installing a multi-split ductless system with two or more air handlers to cool and heat multiple rooms in your home, such as a home office, retrofitted spaces, stuffy upstairs bedrooms and new additions.

Each air handler is independently controlled, providing personalized cooling and heating. This zoning system delivers indoor environmental control beyond a central system, and it saves energy as you may cool and heat rooms as needed rather than the entire home.

All of the air handlers are connected to a single outside unit by a thin conduit. The conduit is the magic that makes ductless cooling and heating possible, by housing the refrigerant lines, power source for the air handlers and the drainage system.

Whether you're cooling and heating one room or multiple rooms, the benefits of ductless systems deliver comfort, convenience and energy savings. Contact your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor for more details.


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