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Program Your Mini Split for Comfort and Savings

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If you only have a small area that you need to cool, one of the best options is a ductless mini split heat pump that you can program to keep your space at the perfect temperature. The mini-split system is versatile enough for homes or businesses and work just like other ductless systems. The best part is, they are one of the most efficient systems out there, allowing you to perfectly regulate the temperature and program your mini split to heat or cool the area with a minimum of energy costs.

Mini split systems can be obtained as either heat pumps that both heat and cool, or cooling-only A/Cs. Being able to program your mini split is the best way to get the maximum use out of it.

The options with an advanced programmable thermostat are wide and varied, and allow mini split systems to be quite versatile. Both wireless and wired controllers are also available. These programmable controllers and thermostats allow you to maintain the temperature you need with a minimum of energy use. They offer a completely automated program so that you can set it up and then leave it, whether heating or cooling.

Another convenience with mini split systems is that they can come in the form of wall-mounted thermostat controls or handheld units, which give you an easy way to program or change the settings at your leisure.

If you want to know more about ductless mini split systems and how they can work for you, contact us to find a Mitsubishi Electric contractor near you who can answer all of your questions and explain the benefits in full detail.

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