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Proper Weatherstripping Can Reduce Your Ductless System's Heating and Cooling Load

Friday, November 01, 2013

A ductless air conditioner or ductless heat pump is an energy-smart choice for your home. Perhaps you chose a ductless system for a new addition. Good idea - the energy in treated air is not wasted wandering down poorly insulated or leaky air ducts. You reap cost-savings and help the environment. But if you haven't sealed your new addition against tiny air leaks, you are putting a greater demand for heating or cooling on the ductless system.

Applying weatherstripping around windows and doors is a simple, low-cost way to reduce the load on your system by keeping the treated air inside, where you want it.

  • Heat from your ductless heat pump stays inside, keeping you cozy, with no drafts
  • Cool air from your ductless air conditioner circulates inside, keeping you cool with no hot air infiltration
  • You can do the job yourself in just a few hours

The material comes in many forms, but whether you choose felt, vinyl, metal or adhesive-backed foam, it all serves the same purpose. It seals the narrow cracks between openings in your home. Around your doorways and windows, you expect to have a little space to allow for easy opening and closing. Weatherstripping is flexible enough to allow the easy movement of the door or window, but resilient enough to expand and fill the crack.

You first need to consider where you are applying the weatherstripping and what kind of wear and tear it will undergo.

  • Metal is better around doors
  • Vinyl , felt or foam is good around windows
  • Don't be afraid to combine types, even around one opening

It doesn't matter how many different forms you use on your home, so long as you apply the material around every opening to help your ductless system work better. For most homes, putting up weatherstripping takes only a few hours total. But you don't have to do it all at once, and every opening you seal up returns energy efficiency to your ductless system.

For more on how weatherstripping is a smart way to reduce the load on your ductless system, get in touch with a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor today.

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