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Considering a Ductless Installation? What the Professional Process Entails

Monday, December 16, 2013

Although a ductless system takes less labor to install than a ducted system, ductless installation still requires specialized knowledge and careful attention to detail. A professional installer will ensure each step of the process is performed correctly.

  1. Choosing a reliable installer -- If you're installing a Mitsubishi system, you'll want a contractor who's not only familiar with lfductless systems, but who's also an authorized Mitsubishi Electric dealer. These contractors understand the features found in Mitsubishi Electric systems, such as the i-See sensor. With, you can find qualified, experienced local dealers by clicking "Find an installer" and typing in your ZIP code. Choose a dealer and call for a free consultation.
  2. System sizing and equipment selection -- To size your system for optimal energy efficiency and performance, your contractor will collect data on your home to determine your heating and cooling requirements. The contractor can then recommend indoor and outdoor units based on your needs.
  3. Outdoor unit installation -- Placing the outdoor unit is the first step in ductless installation. The installation works much the same as for central A/C units. The unit is placed on a concrete pad beside a wall that's near where your indoor unit will be. Because ductless units are so small, your contractor can easily find an unobtrusive place for your new unit.
  4. Refrigerant line installation -- This is the only part of ductless installation that requires construction work. Your contractor will create a 3-inch hole in your wall to run the refrigerant line, drain line, and electrical wiring from the outdoor unit to the chosen location for your indoor unit. After installation, your contractor will check the refrigerant line for leaks.
  5. Indoor unit installation -- When you select equipment, you'll be able to choose from among indoor units that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or placed on the floor. These units are the last parts of the system to be installed.

In just five basic steps, you'll have a whole new heating and cooling system to enjoy. If you're ready to get started with your new ductless system, make your first stop for finding a trustworthy contractor.

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