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Ductless Systems Are Even More Convenient With a Handheld Wireless Remote

Monday, December 09, 2013

Ductless systems are known for convenience. They eliminate the need for ductwork in add-ons or recently converted spaces, they're relatively simple to install and maintain, and they can be used to provide zoned temperature control. But ductless systems can be even more convenient with a handheld wireless remote.

Home Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

Handheld wireless remotes are a popular option for ductless systems. Not only do they put temperature control in the palm of your hand, but they also give you the ability to adjust your indoor climate from most any point in the home. As long as your system can receive the wireless signal, you can make adjustments from the bed, sofa, bathroom or basement. It's the ultimate in home comfort convenience.

Additional Benefits to Ductless Systems

With or without the handheld remote, there are many benefits to choosing a ductless system, such as:

  • An energy efficient alternative to window air conditioning units and portable heaters
  • Quick and easy installation, generally can be installed in two days or less
  • Sleek new designs that blend in with your space and add to the aesthetic value
  • Relatively quiet operation

For more information on the benefits of choosing a ductless system to condition your home, contact us to find a qualified Mitsubishi Electric contractor in your area.

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