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Ductless Mini Splits Keep Indoor Air Quality High, and Here’s Why

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

If you're installing a Mitsubishi ductless system in your home, you’ll enjoy sophisticated filtration components that help provide healthful indoor air quality for better quality of life and comfort.

Ductless Advantage

The typical home harbors harmful contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria and a plethora of allergens, which can cause illness and make daily life quite uncomfortable for loved ones with respiratory issues. Poor indoor air quality issues may be exacerbated in homes with ducted forced-air systems. They circulate airborne contaminants to each area of living space, and where the ducts accumulate and release debris, pet dander, mold spores and more.

Indoor Air Quality

Ductless systems help improve the air quality inside the home in each zone (room or area) where an air-handling unit (AHU) is installed. This may be one or more zones, depending upon the ductless configuration you are installing. Following are the functions of the air filtration and disinfection components, which are included with each Mitsubishi Electric ductless system:

  • A hybrid catechin filter neutralizes odor-causing gases.
  • An anti-allergen, blue-enzyme filter reduces or eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs, and also captures pollen, dust, dust mite parts and other airborne particles that exacerbate respiratory issues.
  • Mitsubishi’s three-phase filtration system is easy to clean. Remove the filter door on the AHU, slide out the filter and hand wash under warm water. Let the filter dry before reinserting.

The air filtration components may last up to 10 years. That's a smart investment in healthful indoor air quality, included along with high performance heating and cooling and versatile installation options of all ductless components. The latter includes the outdoor AHU, thin conduit housing tubing and power, and the indoor AHUs, which offer multiple versatile placement for preferred aesthetics and enhanced airflow through the zone.

Good air circulation is key when installing the indoor AHU to maintain healthful air quality in the zone. Take the time to work with your HVAC professional to ensure best results now and for years of home heating and cooling.

For more details how ductless systems boost indoor air quality, please contact us to speak with a licensed Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near you.

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