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Sizing a Ductless System Ensures Home Comfort and Maximum Efficiency

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More homeowners are discovering the practical and efficient heating and cooling solutions offered by Energy Star-certified ductless systems. To ensure maximum performance and comfort from your installation, remember that sizing a ductless system is priority number one. Here’s why:

Zoned Temperature Control

Ductless mini and multi splits are designed to heat and cool one zone at a time, regardless of the number of indoor air-handling units, or AHUs. This point-of-use heating and cooling system makes great economic sense, in that you may heat and cool each zone as needed to save energy.

Sizing a Ductless System

The indoor AHU must be sized, located and installed correctly for maximum performance. Ductless systems are air-source heat pumps, so any variation from optimal disturbs comfort and may increase electricity consumption. Not to worry, however, with a certified Mitsubishi Electric Contractor working with you. This is the condensed process of sizing a ductless system:

  • Zone square footage is important, but it's only one aspect of sizing.
  • Your Mitsubishi Electric Contractor evaluates the room or rooms and areas (zones) to be conditioned, noting existing comfort systems and the application of the new ductless system (e.g. space heating and cooling, attic conversion, sun room and more).
  • Ask questions pertinent to capacity, such as number of people and usage. For instance, a family room that is regularly occupied by multiple household members may require greater cooling output, but not necessarily – depending still on many more variables.
  • Heat gain/loss questions need to be answered. Is the zone a sun-facing room? Is it sealed up to prevent air leaks? Are the walls, floor and ceiling (attic) adequately insulated?
  • The location of the indoor AHU is important to determine proper and adequate air circulation through the zone. Is the zone an open area or hallway that will be affected by other systems? Is the zone a single room that will have the door closed the majority of time?

These steps, and more, for sizing a ductless system correctly will ensure you get the most from your investment. Contact us to speak with a certified Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near your home.

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