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Installing a Ductless Mini Split: Best Left to a Pro

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stop and hire a pro rather than install a ductless system yourself.Developed over four decades and getting better with age, ductless mini split systems utilize sophisticated components that deliver energy savings and continuous comfort -- if they are installed for optimal performance. For the best return on your investment, enlist the help of a licensed HVAC dealer who is well experienced with the finer points of ductless installation.

Efficiency Factors, Comfort Matters

Ductless mini split heat pumps and A/Cs provide home heating and cooling by leveraging the natural properties of refrigerant to move heat energy from a warmer place to a cooler place. The more efficiently a ductless system can extract heat energy at extreme temperatures, the greater energy savings and home-comfort experience by the homeowner.

These installation elements affect ductless performance, and your licensed Mitsubishi Electric Contractor knows them by heart:

  • Efficiency ratings: The higher-efficiency model you select, the more energy you will save over its lifetime. Ask your HVAC pro to perform a return on investment (ROI) analysis of potential systems for the best value.
  • Local weather: If your region experiences winter snow and ice, the outside unit may be mounted to the home shell to protect it from snow accumulation (blocking airflow). For warmer regions, such as Florida’s Gold Coast, select a system with a higher cooling efficiency rating, with less emphasis on heating efficiency.
  • Sizing: Whether you install a ductless mini split or multi split, the units must be sized to meet the heating/cooling demand of each zone. Dozens of factors affecting heat gain/loss should be considered and calculated using HVAC industry best practices.
  • Performance installed: A ductless mini split utilizes a complex system of electronics, sensors, high-efficiency refrigerant, fans and condensate drainage components that must be installed correctly for maximum performance. Professional installation is also important to prevent mishaps, such as water leaks inside the home or electrical accidents or malfunctions. 

For professional advice, assistance and installation for your ductless mini split investment, please contact us to be connected to a licensed Mitsubishi Electric Contractor in your area.

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