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Cleveland, TN Contractors


For much of its history, Cleveland was known as an important town on southeastern Tennessee's rough-and-tumble Cumberland Frontier. Although the area that would become Cleveland had been inhabited by European settlers since the late 18th century, it didn't achieve the population density necessary for incorporation until the 1830s. Cleveland was named after an important figure who fought in the nearby Battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War. By the turn of the 20th century, Cleveland was a bustling industrial town that enjoyed robust ties to Chattanooga and other cities throughout the southern Appalachian region. With the arrival of the Tennessee Valley Authority during the depths of the Great Depression, Cleveland's economy began a period of rapid expansion that continued through much of the 20th century.


Cleveland sits in a broad valley that's bounded on two sides by high mountain ridges. The city lies to the northeast of Chattanooga and enjoys easy access to sprawling Chickamauga Lake. Aside from the ample water resources that define its immediate surroundings, Cleveland is blessed with a rich agricultural hinterland and breathtaking views of heavily forested mountain ridges. Since the town itself was built over the course of 150 years, it contains a number of different layouts and architectural styles. Its historic core is surrounded by modern, low-density residential neighborhoods and several suburban-style commercial districts.

Population and Demographics

Unlike its Ohio namesake, Cleveland has a stable population of just over 40,000 people. Although it hasn't experienced the breakneck growth that's common to some of the region's bigger cities, Cleveland's population has grown from a 1990 count of about 32,000. In addition to the area's favorable climate and beautiful views, this growth can be attributed to cost pressures that have forced middle-class workers out of the central districts of Chattanooga. Thanks to its proximity to Chickamauga Lake, Cleveland has also enjoyed something of a renaissance as a vacation destination and has become ever more popular with retirees.

Things to Do in Cleveland, Tennessee

Cleveland has a wealth of sights to see. The area is very popular with active visitors: Although it's not particularly welcoming for swimmers, Chickamauga Lake is well stocked with a variety of game fish and attracts water-sports enthusiasts of all kinds. To the north, nature-lovers can check out the protected wetlands, waters and forests of Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge. Since different types of migratory birds frequent the preserve at different times of year, visitors are virtually guaranteed to catch a glimpse of nature in action. To the west, Fields of the Wood offers a drier, higher look at the flora and fauna of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Meanwhile, local shoppers and diners gather at Eastgate Town Center in nearby Chattanooga.

Climate and Weather

Cleveland has the sort of humid subtropical climate that's typical of most southern Appalachian valleys. Although the nearby mountains receive significant amounts of snowfall throughout the cold months, the center of Cleveland sees flakes just a few times per year. Accumulating snowfall is even more rare. Thanks to warm breezes from the Gulf of Mexico, the growing season typically begins by mid-March and produces vivid flower displays by the beginning of April. Spring tends to be showery but mild. Although summer can be quite hot, frequent thunderstorms and mild mountain breezes keep temperatures at manageable levels throughout the season. By late October, the nearby peaks erupt in vivid foliage displays.

Cleveland Ductless Air Conditioning

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