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Dalton, GA Contractors


Founded during the first half of the 19th century, Dalton quickly became the industrial and agrarian capital of northwestern Georgia. Although it was initially a bastion of Union support, Dalton ended up contributing significant industrial and manpower resources to the Confederate war effort. After the conflict, the city became a noted center for the textile industry. In fact, Dalton was known as the "Carpet Capital of the World" for a long time, and its name still carries considerable cachet among consumers and industry insiders. However, the city's industrial base has shrunk dramatically since the mid-20th century. These days, Dalton is better known as a pit stop for tourists who wish to explore the beautiful North Georgia mountains.


Dalton lies along the Interstate 75 corridor between Atlanta and Chattanooga. While the city is just two dozen miles from downtown Chattanooga, it's part of a separate metropolitan area known as the Dalton-Whitfield County Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city's physical landscape is dominated by the prominent Rocky Face Ridge and the deep valley that bears Dalton's name. To the north and east, the area's broad ridges give way to higher, more rugged peaks with few vehicle crossings. Fortunately, Dalton's relatively low-lying landscape doesn't impede traffic. In addition to Interstate 75, the area is crisscrossed by arteries like U.S. Highways 41 and 76.

Population and Demographics

Dalton's population has fluctuated over the course of its history. At last count, the city was home to about 33,000 souls. Despite ongoing de-industrialization, this figure marks a distinct uptick from the previous Census count. Part of the increase can be explained by an influx of middle-class workers from Chattanooga. Attracted by Dalton's low cost of living and ample residential land, these folks have turned the city into a family-friendly community that has been recognized by a variety of national organizations. Dalton also has an active community of retirees and second-homeowners.

Things to Do in Dalton, Georgia

Despite its reputation as a no-nonsense industrial town, Dalton has plenty of attractions and points of interest. The city's Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center was created to host carpet-industry events and continues to host dozens of events per year. For local history buffs, statutes and plaques that commemorate key Civil War figures and events can be found throughout the center of town. Remnants of the old Georgia Railroad lie just outside the town's borders as well. Active residents and visitors often head east to hike through Fort Mountain State Park, a rugged stretch of land that offers some of the best fall foliage displays in the state.

Climate and Weather

Like many neighboring cities, Dalton has a humid subtropical climate that's characterized by long, muggy summers and chilly winter weather. The city receives an ample amount of precipitation and lacks noticeable wet and dry seasons. However, rainfall does seem to increase during the cool season and late summer months. The growing season typically lasts from early March until late November. Occasional frosts have been known to occur in October and April, but such events are rare and can be forecast with ease. Although accumulating snowfall isn't very common, flurries and freezing rain events do occur from time to time during the winter. Dalton's transitional seasons are known for their mild, sunny days and cool, pleasant nights.

Dalton Ductless Air Conditioning

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