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Dayton, TN Contractors


Founded in the early 1820s as the settlement of "Smith's Crossroads," Dayton began its life as a dusty foothill town that quickly developed a reputation for its fertile soils. Thanks to the proximity of the powerful Tennessee River, the town had become a stronghold of the pig iron industry by the turn of the 20th century. After incorporating as a city in 1903, Dayton mounted a capital-intensive drive to improve its infrastructure and attract new residents. In 1925, it briefly gained national attention as the site of the famed Scopes Trial, a key battle in the emerging debate between religious leaders and proponents of evolutionary theory. During the 1930s, the construction of Chickamuga Dam created a reservoir that now attracts thousands of recreation enthusiasts on an annual basis.


Dayton sits on the western side of the broad Tennessee River Valley. The city's population center is clustered along a Tennessee River inlet that stretches about a mile west from the waterway's main body. Park Point and other protected areas jut out into the inlet and provide sweeping views of the hills that surround the valley. Outside of the town's 19th century core, Dayton's landscape consists of low-density housing developments and patches of rugged woodland that remain largely untrammeled. Key highways in the area include U.S. Highway 27 and Tennessee Highways 29 and 30.

Population and Demographics

Dayton has a population of just over 7,000 people. Although this is a modest figure, it's actually a sign of the town's rebounding fortunes: During the early part of the 20th century, Dayton's population dropped by nearly 50 percent. In fact, the Scopes Trial was partially the result of a scheme to draw crowds to the city and temporarily boost the local economy. These days, many new arrivals work in the local tourism industry or at the power plants that line the Tennessee River. Others engage in agricultural activity and maintain the lifestyle that their ancestors enjoyed.

Things to Do in Dayton, Tennessee

Thanks to its favorable location and rich history, Dayton has plenty of local attractions. The town's La-Z-Boy factory is a popular stop for folks who enjoy the company's reclining products, and the nearby Watts Bar Dam serves as an awe-inspiring reminder of the power of water. Fans of shopping, dining and culture can check out the restaurants, art galleries and independent boutiques that line the streets of downtown Dayton. A number of antique shops can be found in the surrounding countryside as well. Meanwhile, outdoorsy types flock to Armstrong Ferry Recreation Area and Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge to boat, hike and bird-watch.

Climate and Weather

Dayton has a subtropical climate that's influenced by the mountains and plateaus that surround it. Due to its location in a fairly deep valley that traps cold air, wintertime lows can be quite chilly. However, the region quickly warms up during the spring. By late March, Dayton's flowers are in full bloom. Throughout the spring and summer months, frequent showers keep the area lush and produce refreshing breaks in the warm, often muggy regime. Once these rain events clear out, they're replaced by sunny, dry weather that can last for days on end. In the fall, the hills and mountains near Dayton explode with beautiful foliage displays.

Dayton Ductless Air Conditioning

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The Dayton ductless air conditioning dealers in the network are committed to providing the best possible customer service. The company's knowledgeable technicians leverage their up-to-date NATE certifications to give useful advice and demonstrate key product maintenance techniques during the sales process. They're also happy to maintain 24-hour alertness to handle unforeseen emergencies and perform important repair and tuneup services as necessary. Thanks to Dayton's ductless contractors, the Tennessee Valley couldn't be more comfortable.