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Ductless Air Conditioning in Georgia

Georgia is located along the coast of the southeastern United States between South Carolina and Florida. It was established in 1732, was the last of the 13 original colonies, and was the fourth state to ratify the Constitution of the United States of America. George is known as the Peach State. Its capital, Atlanta, is the most populous city in the state. Among states east of the Mississippi, Georgia has the largest land area excluding bodies of water.


Georgia was founded under a trusteeship chartered by King George II. James Oglethorpe was responsible for its planning and early development. The colony was originally intended to be a colony of yeoman farmers that prohibited slavery. When government subsidies were ended in 1752, the trustees turned the colony over to the British Crown. In 1776, Georgia signed the Declaration of Independence and entered the Revolutionary war and on January 2, 1788, the state ratified the Constitution.

In 1861, after the start of the Civil War, Union forces invaded Georgia. Several major battles took place in the state and at the end of 1864, General William Tecumseh marched through Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah ordering his army to destroy everything in their path. Over 18,000 Georgian soldiers were killed. After the war, the state was barred from the Union until 1870.


Six Flags Over Georgia is located in Atlanta and is one of the largest amusement parks in the nation with a large variety of thrill rides, entertainment, food, and attractions designed specifically for kids. World of Coca-Cola is also located in Atlanta, has a tour of a Coca-Cola plant, a large variety of exhibits related to Coca-Cola's history, and the Coca-Cola polar bear. Zoo Atlanta is open every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas and features a wide variety of animals, including the rare panda.

Georgia Aquarium, also in Atlanta, has over 8 million gallons of exhibits including a live dolphin show. Callaway Gardens is in Pine Mountain, just outside of Columbus, and covers 14,000 acres with public gardens and a resort. Stone Mountain sits ten miles northeast of Atlanta and is the largest mass of exposed granite in the world. It sees approximately four million visitors per year.


Georgia has a population of nearly ten million. It has just over four million homes and nearly one million businesses. The home ownership rate is about 67%. A quarter of its residents are under the age of 18 and 11% are over the age of 65. The median household income is about $50,000. About 27% of the population has a college education and about 17% live below the poverty level.


Most of Georgia has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid and winters are generally mild. Average rainfall in the state ranges from 45 to 75 inches of rain per year. Georgia frequently sees hurricanes and tropical storms, either directly from the ocean or after passing through Florida.

Georgia Ductless Contractors

Georgia's warm climate makes most residents consider air conditioning a necessity. Summer heat waves and humidity lead to miserable conditions inside without air conditioning and even possible health risks. Air conditioning is installed in a large majority of the buildings in the state.

Mitsubishi Comfort Dealers work with a wide range of contractors to provide air conditioning maintenance and new installations. An increasingly popular option is ductless air conditioners. These units work independently in each room and avoid the installation and maintenance of an extensive duct system. Mitsubishi Comfort Dealers are always happy to discuss the benefits of these units and answer any other questions.