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Harriman, TN Contractors

Harriman TN Ductless Air Conditioning

Located in Roane County, Harriman, Tennessee, is a welcoming community situated just 40 miles west of Knoxville. The town is known for its rich Victorian architecture and classic Southern hospitality. Visitors and residents alike will find recreation and entertainment opportunities aplenty in Harriman and the surrounding communities.


Local History & Geography


Harriman was founded in the late 19th century by Temperance activists who encouraged others to abstain from alcohol. The East Tennessee Land Company, which was behind the creation of the town, collapsed in 1893. After the company's collapse, growth in Harriman slowed down considerably. The town relied on hosiery and paper mills to sustain growth in the 20th century. Today, Harriman's economy is based primarily on private industry and tourism.


Located in central Tennessee, Harriman sits on the boundary between the Tennessee Valley region and the Cumberland Plateau region. The Emory River flows just west of Harriman, making an oxbow bend in the river that marks the original location of the city. The town is served by U.S. Route 27 and Interstate 40, both of which run through Harriman itself.


The Residents of Harriman


Recent census data indicates that Harriman is home to about 6,500 residents. The city enjoys strong diversity with individuals from several different ethnic groups calling the community home. The majority of Harriman's residents live in single-family homes with those individuals of working age employed in manufacturing and private industry.


Cultural Events, Recreation and Attractions


Harriman boasts plenty of attractions for individuals and families who want to kick back and relax. The Midtown Drive-In Theatre is a favorite among locals who want to see a movie in a fun, old-fashioned way. Parents who want to have fun with their children and learn something can head to the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge, located about 20 miles outside of Harriman. Those individuals who want to stay in town and soak in local history can visit the Harriman Heritage Museum, which offers a permanent collection of photos, artifacts and documents from the area.


A wealth of recreation opportunities await those who are interested in seeing more of the great outdoors. Families and groups enjoying visiting The Lost Sea, America's largest underground lake. For those who prefer to stay aboveground, the Obed Wild and Scenic River National Park offers a wealth of activities including white water rafting, rock climbing and camping. Families and individuals who want to visit zoos, art museums and sports stadiums can head to Knoxville, a short 45 minute drive from Harriman.


Local Weather & Climate Conditions


Thanks to its location away from the Great Smoky Mountains, Harriman enjoys temperate winters with very little snow and pleasant springs. July temperatures in Harriman tend to be in the high 80s, though it can feel much warmer due to high humidity levels. Most home and business owners in Harriman rely on heating and cooling systems to stay comfortable when temperatures outside become extreme. Boasting efficient and reliable operation, the ductless heat pump Harriman TN residents prefer can handle both heating and cooling needs.


Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Specialists in Harriman, TN


Many Harriman home and business owners choose a ductless HVAC system to create a comfortable indoor environment. If you're looking for a Harriman TN ductless air conditioning specialist who can answer all of your questions, look no farther than your local Mitsubishi Comfort Dealer. Your local contractor can provide you with in-depth information about ductless heat pump and ductless mini-split AC systems. Choosing a licensed, friendly professional is the best way to ensure that you'll be comfortable inside no matter the conditions outside.