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Kingston, TN Contractors


Founded in the waning days of the 18th century, Kingston once served as a convenient docking place for the steamships that plied the Tennessee River. The city grew up around Fort Southwest Point, an important outpost during the heady early days of the country's westward expansion. Thanks to the presence of the fort, Kingston was the site of many treaties and agreements between the area's Cherokee occupants and the European land-hunters who crossed the nearby mountains. After the forced departure of the original inhabitants, Kingston became an important foothill farming community. Later, the town was chosen as the site of the largest coal-burning plant in North America. Although a major coal-ash spill temporarily fouled the waters of the nearby lakes and rivers, Kingston has recovered from the disaster and looks more promising than ever.


Kingston sits near the junction of the Tennessee and Clinch Rivers. It's also near the head of Watts Bar Lake, a large reservoir that was created under the auspices of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Other nearby bodies of water include the Emory River and Norris Lake. Physically, Kingston is a relatively compact town that's characterized by an older downtown core and a newer ring of residential and commercial developments. Interstate 40, U.S. Highway 70 and Tennessee Highway 1 serve as the area's principal transportation arteries.

Population and Demographics

Kingston has a year-round population of about 6,000 residents. Many locals have deep roots in the community, and it's not uncommon to be able to trace family lineages back for several generations. At the same time, the region's scenic beauty and ample recreational opportunities attract thousands of visitors each year. Many of these folks choose to stay in the area on a long-term basis or purchase vacation cabins for use throughout the year. Kingston's diverse, vibrant citizenry is distributed equally among school-age kids, mid-career professionals and retirees.

Things to Do in Kingston, Tennessee

As a noted tourist destination and family-friendly hot spot, Kingston has a bevy of notable attractions. Visitors who wish to get a vivid picture of the area's early history can visit Fort Southwest Point or walk along the enormous Watts Bar Dam. Those who prefer to own a piece of history can check out the antique shops that line Kingston's downtown streets or venture to one of the craft outposts in the surrounding countryside. Outdoorsy types can spend weeks exploring the surrounding forests, mountains and waterways. Popular camping and hiking destinations include Fort Loudoun State Park and Lotterdale Cove Recreation Area.

Climate and Weather

Like much of the rest of eastern Tennessee, Kingston has a cool subtropical climate that's characterized by frequent precipitation and generally mild temperatures. During the winter, occasional snowfalls may temporarily disrupt traffic but rarely produce lasting snow cover. In the spring, frequent showers jump-start the local growing cycle and create beautiful wildflower displays. Summer is marked by occasionally humid weather that rarely becomes unbearable, and regular afternoon thunderstorms tend to keep the heat from building to outrageous levels. Kingston's autumns are mild, pleasant affairs that almost always feature gorgeous foliage displays.

Kingston Ductless Air Conditioning

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