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Rockford, TN Contractors

Rockford TN Ductless Air Conditioning

Situated in southeast Tennessee's Blount County, Rockford is a small community known for its friendly residents and vibrant history. The town and the surrounding areas offer plenty of recreation and cultural opportunities for travelers and residents alike. Just 20 minutes from metropolitan Knoxville, this small community offers the best in relaxed, Southern living.


Area History & Geography


The small town of Rockford is located along the banks of Little River, which runs from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Tennessee River. Residents and visitors enjoy access to the Tennessee freeway system via State Route 33, which passes near the town. Rockford is a short 12 miles south of downtown Knoxville.


Long before the first European settlers arrived in the 18th century, the Cherokee people had used the area now known as Rockford as a hunting ground. With the arrival of the first settlers came problems with the Cherokee, though Rockford was not the site of any significant struggles. Local historians believe that the community received its name thanks to a river ford constructed in the area by early settlers who wanted to travel in and out of Knoxville. Long independent, the town was finally incorporated in the 1970's in order to avoid being annexed by one of the other larger cities in the area.


The Local Residents


According to the 2010 census, Rockford is home to about 900 individuals. The city enjoys decent diversity and has a good reputation for being welcoming. Most of Rockford's residents are employed either at private companies or at family run businesses.


Entertainment, Recreation and Attractions


Rockford is the perfect home base from which to explore the rich recreation opportunities of southeast Tennessee. Golf enthusiasts can kick back and relax on the Egwani Farms Golf Course, located right in Rockford. Dozens of historical sites are also located in and around the city. Among the most popular are the homes of early settlers. History buffs who want to see how the founder of Knoxville lived can head to James White's Fort. The fort offers a rare glimpse into the daily lives of early Tennessee settlers.


Rockford and the adjacent areas also offer many outdoor recreation opportunities for families with kids. Those who want to spend a low-key day outdoors can head to the World's Fair Park and explore fountains, lawns and water walks. For more adventure, visit with wild animals at the Knoxville Zoo, which is a favorite among families who need to keep kids of different ages occupied all day. The Ober Gatlinburg park, another family friendly option, offers skiing, outdoor activities and wildlife viewing.


Local Climate & Weather Conditions


Home and business owners in Rockford are accustomed to warm summer temperatures and relatively mild winters. The area sees approximately 10 inches of snowfall during an average year and temperatures rarely drop below 30 degrees. Despite pleasant winters, summers can be quite warm give high humidity levels in southeast Tennessee. The ductless heat pump Rockford TN residents trust combines powerful cooling with high energy efficiency to provide for comfort and savings.


Mitsubishi Comfort Dealers in Rockford, Tennessee


Enjoying your time in Rockford is all about staying comfortable. Whether you've lived here your whole life or are just visiting, you can rely on a ductless mini-split system or ductless heat pump to keep you pleasantly cool on even the hottest of days. You'll find a Rockford TN ductless air conditioning specialist who can assist with all of your home or business HVAC needs on Your Mitsubishi Electric contractor will be happy to go over your ductless HVAC options with you today.