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Tallassee, TN Contractors


For most of its history, Tallassee has been a quiet community that draws sustenance from the Little Tennessee River watershed and the rich forests that surround it. Once home to a thriving population of Cherokee natives, the area has played host to European homesteads since about 1800. After prominent statesman William Blount founded Blount County, the Tallassee area gained favor with trappers and fishermen who recognized the natural richness of the surrounding lands. Thanks to its location in a deep, shaded valley, Tallassee was never suited to large-scale agriculture. However, the area gained favor as a vacation destination throughout the 20th century. These days, it's home to an eclectic mix of long-time residents and second-homeowners.


Tallassee sits just below Chilhowee Reservoir. The surrounding area is quite rugged: Although the settled part of the town lies less than 1,000 feet above sea level, some nearby hills reach 2,000 feet or higher. To the east, the Smoky Mountains rise along the Tennessee-North Carolina border. Although Tallassee is less than 40 miles south of Knoxville, it takes more than an hour to travel between the two places due to the winding, hilly nature of Blount County's roads and the unpredictability of the area's weather. The main highway in the area is U.S. Highway 129.

Population and Demographics

Since Tallassee is unincorporated and somewhat vaguely defined, the U.S. Census Bureau doesn't keep precise tabs on its population. However, it does catalog the population of the 37878 ZIP Code that surrounds Tallassee. According to the most recent count, the population of 37878 sits at just over 500. Most Tallassee residents are small business owners or craftspeople who market their wares to tourists who pass through on their way to the Smoky Mountains. Others are professionals who keep the small town humming along or work in nearby communities like Vonore.

Things to Do in Tallassee, Tennessee

Tallassee is an outdoorsman's paradise. Chilhowee Reservoir is quite popular with local fishermen and bird-watchers who arrive in the early morning to catch glimpses of bald eagles, and nearby Fort Loudoun Lake offers miles of uninhabited coves and open stretches of water for local boaters. Drivers and road bikers enjoy weekend outings to the infamous Tail of the Dragon, a nearby mountain pass that's famous for breathtaking views and picturesque curves. To the east, Great Smoky Mountain National Park contains some of the highest peaks east of the Rockies.

Climate and Weather

Tallassee's subtropical climate is heavily influenced by the area's prevailing northwest winds and the proximity of the Smoky Mountains to the south and east. Due to the area's rugged terrain and fairly high elevation, precipitation is abundant throughout the year. During the winter, much of this moisture falls as snow or sleet. Since the sun is fairly strong at this latitude, local snowstorms rarely produce lasting accumulations. Spring and fall tend to be breezy and sunny, but showers do occasionally darken Tallassee's skies. Summer brings hot, humid weather that lingers for three or four months.

Ductless Heat Pumps - Tallassee, TN

The Mitsubishi Comfort dealers in the Tallassee area stock a wide range of ductless heating and cooling products that make the area's changeable climate comfortable for local residents and business owners. Many locals prefer wall-mounted Mitsubishi indoor air conditioning systems that use eco-comfort technology to produce efficient streams of cool air no matter what the weather does outside. These unobtrusive devices can be mounted virtually anywhere and are rated to provide years of dependable comfort. Other Tallassee residents appreciate single-zone and multi-zone outdoor units that are capable of heating and cooling large residential and commercial spaces without wasting valuable electricity.

The Tallassee, TN ductless air conditioning and heating professionals at Mitsubishi Comfort are committed to providing valuable advice and service. The company's NATE-certified technicians can perform complex repairs, installations and maintenance tasks in short order. Meanwhile, its knowledgeable showroom staff members are proud to answer tough questions about each piece of equipment that it stocks. Since Mitsubishi Comfort also offers accessories like programmable thermostats, remotes, grates and more, Tallassee residents can count on the company to provide one-stop service. Best of all, top-notch manufacturer warranties keep customers worry-free throughout the year.