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Maintaining the proper indoor environment is important not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of the health and well-being of those spending time indoors. If you are a business owner, a comfortable indoor environment can be critical to the success of your business. That’s why it is essential to find a heating and cooling contractor who is trustworthy and responsive to your needs.

However, selecting a reputable heating and cooling contractor can become overwhelming, and making sense of HVAC terminology can get confusing. is a resource you can rely on to help you find qualified air conditioning companies in your area. In addition to helping you find professional air conditioning companies, provides information and other services that help you become comfortable with the HVAC field. You can use our site to find a wealth of information on a variety of topics:

  • Understanding why indoor air quality is significant
  • Navigating the specials, rebates and tax credits available
  • Tips on reducing energy consumption
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance advice

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Companies: Experienced Experts

All of the HVAC companies listed on our site offer the innovative technology and ENERGY STAR ratings that come with Mitsubishi Electric products. No Mitsubishi Electric parts or equipment are sold through; all products and equipment must be purchased through your local Mitsubishi Electric HVAC contractor. Our contractors are factory authorized dealers who have extensive knowledge about Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC equipment and are experts in heating and air conditioning installation, repair and service. Licensed, bonded and insured, our contractors keep up-to-date on climate control advances and technology. All of the HVAC contractors listed on adhere to other professional standards as well:

  • Follow good business practices
  • Use skilled technicians
  • Provide written estimates
  • Conduct home inspections
  • Respond quickly to requests for estimates, service or repair
  • Maintain a professional appearance

Customer Satisfaction

Any reputable air conditioning or HVAC company is committed to providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. All of the air conditioning companies in our directory uphold a high standard of excellence when it comes to guaranteeing customer approval. Asking friends, family members and co-workers for an HVAC referral and using our directory are good ways to start your search for a heating and air conditioning company. Customer testimonials, highly trained installation and service specialists, and warranties are several other ways to gauge the level of satisfaction you can expect to receive from our providers:

  • Ask for references from previous customers. Call the references and ask about their experience and level of satisfaction with the company. Did the company complete the job on time? Did the company respond quickly?
  • Ask about the training credentials of the technicians and whether they are certified by North American Technician Excellence.
  • Ask whether the company offers any warranties or guarantees.

Before You Call

Be aware that the contractors listed on provide residential and commercial HVAC services. However, some of our HVAC companies provide only residential services and some provide only commercial services; some companies specialize in both. Once you have determined which companies provide the services you need, there are several other things you can do to streamline the process of choosing an HVAC contractor:

  • Write down the model of your HVAC system and when it was installed
  • List dates of preventive maintenance service checks
  • List date and type of repairs that were made
  • Write down problems you are experiencing such as cold or hot spots, stale air or odors
  • Describe any noise your system makes

This information will provide a good starting point when you call a local HVAC contractor to discuss your heating and cooling needs. Trustworthy heating and cooling providers will schedule a home inspection, and, armed with the information you provide, will carefully examine your system. In addition to inspecting your furnace, heat pump, air conditioner and existing ductwork, a contractor should look for signs of moisture damage and check for proper ventilation. Only after a thorough inspection will contractors provide a written price quote.

Temperature, moisture control, ventilation and air quality all work together to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Our objective at is to provide the resources you need to make smart, cost-effective decisions as you pursue your goal of total climate comfort.