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High Efficiency Air Conditioners

No longer the new kid on the HVAC block, ductless technology has come of age and is proven and reliable. Ductless air conditioning was developed by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating engineers in Japan over three decades ago and quickly spread throughout Asia and then Europe. Today, ductless AC is the most widely-installed residential cooling technology on those continents. In the United States, ductless units are rapidly replacing conventional window air conditioners and also competing head-to-head with central air, particularly in residential applications when installing ductwork or extending existing ducts is not feasible.

Ductless AC Leads the Industry in Efficiency 

In contemporary air conditioning technology, Mitsubishi Electric ductless equals high efficiency. These systems deliver cooling to single rooms or enclosed spaces without the energy losses associated with window units or conventional ducted air conditioning. Ductless systems offer SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings as high as 26. This represents a substantial, immediate savings in operating costs to the homeowner—often as high as 30 percent—as well as a shorter payback time in climate zones with long cooling seasons. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric's M-series line of cooling-only ductless air conditioners offers a range of high-efficiency units that qualify for the Department Of Energy’s Energy Star label.

High Marks from Energy Star

The Energy Star label on ductless air conditioners is limited only to models that meet certain strict requirements. These units must conserve energy and save the homeowners more money in operating costs than air conditioners with standard efficiency ratings.

A unit qualifying for the Energy Star label will reduce energy consumption by an average of at least one-third—a substantial savings when you consider that cooling and heating accounts for half of the total energy use in a household. These savings result primarily from the fact that ductwork in conventional central air conditioning is a major contributor to low efficiency. Residential ducts are often deteriorated and leaky, losing an average of at least 20 percent of the cool air they are designed to distribute throughout your home, and require periodic sealing, cleaning and other maintenance.

Ductless units with the Energy Star designation also offer enhanced temperature control and comfort options. Unlike conventional central air or window units, which are typically controlled by a single, centrally-located thermostat, a ductless multi-split installation offers separate dedicated thermostats in each room with an air handler. Occupants can adjust individual room temperatures to their preferred comfort level without altering the temperature in other living spaces.

Tax Rebates for Ductless AC Installations

Another advantage of Mitsubishi Electric's high efficiency ductless systems is their continued eligibility for a 30 percent federal tax credit. This important benefit to consumers, now extended to the end of 2016, offers a $300 tax credit on the purchase and installation cost of high efficiency ductless A/C units. To qualify, ductless units must earn a SEER rating of at least 16.

The Mitsubshi Electric M-series ductless air conditioner line includes four cooling-only models that qualify for the Energy Star rating. These units offer exceptional high-efficiency cooling performance with SEER ratings above 19. All utilize the new, more environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant and feature convenient remote control operation of temperature settings and fan speeds. Advanced filtration maintains healthy indoor air quality and Mitsubishi Electric's patented fan technology provides whisper-quiet operation. These Mitsubishi Electric units also offer the straightforward standardized installation that gives ductless technology an edge over conventional ducted systems that entail a major construction project to install ducts.

More Energy Efficient Options

The GE category of Mitsubshi Electric's M-series ductless units in the 9,000 to 22,500 BTU range offers homeowners other specific advantages including:

  • Smart Set temperature programming controls
  • A washable catechin air filter with 10-year service life and an anti-enzyme allergy filter
  • Five individual fan speeds in addition to an “Auto” fan setting
  • Noise ratings as low as 19 decibels

The Mitsubishi Electric MUY-GE09NA has a rated cooling capacity of 9,000 BTUs and an operating capacity that ranges from 3,800 to 12,200 BTUs. This unit delivers a very favorable SEER 21 rating, the highest in the M-series cooling-only models. This unit  accommodates a 65-foot refrigerant line-set that incorporates 1/4-inch liquid and 3/8-inch gas tubing. A 15 amp breaker is required for electrical power.

The MUY-GE12NA delivers a rated capacity of 12,000 BTUs and an operating range of 3,800 to 13,600 BTUs. The SEER rating is 20.5 and the unit accommodates a 65-foot refrigerant line-set which incorporates 1/4-inch liquid and 3/8-inch gas tubing. Electrical power requires a 15 amp breaker.

Mitsubishi Electric's MUY-GE15NA is in the high capacity range, rated at 14,000 BTUs with 3,100 to 18,200 operating range. It’s also a top SEER performer with a rating of 21. The 65-foot line-set incorporates 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch tubing for liquid and gas, respectively, and electrical requirements specify a 15-amp breaker.

Another step up the ladder of cooling-only capacity, the MUY-GE24NA provides a rated 22,500 BTUs and an operating range between 8,200 and 31,400 BTUs. This unit is SEER-rated at 19, utilizes a 100-foot refrigerant line-set with 3/8-inch liquid tubing and 5/8-inch gas tubing. The increased electrical draw of this high-capacity unit requires a 20-amp breaker.