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High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric is the originator of high efficiency heat pump systems that utilize ductless technology. For more than three decades, these units have provided dependable, money-saving cooling and heating to household environments. Year in and year out, homeowners who have adopted the technology continue to benefit from SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rankings as high as 24 and avoid the energy losses of traditional window air conditioners or ducted central AC. Heat pump energy usage in Mitsubishi Electric ductless units is more than 30 percent less than conventional HVAC technology. Depending on the local climate zone, the accompanying reductions in utility costs can pay back the investment in a Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump after only a few seasons of use.

Ductless heat pump technology has quickly earned a place in the U.S. heating and cooling market share. From its beginnings as a compact air conditioning unit for smaller Japanese residences 30 years ago to a powerful, full-featured heat pump that offers both cool summer comfort and winter warmth, high efficiency ductless systems are now replacing window AC units, and central air and furnace units across the country. Ductless technology is particularly adaptable to residential environments in which the expense and disruption of installing ductwork to support a central air and heating system is not acceptable or when homeowners simply want to condition individual rooms instead of the entire square footage of their home.

Efficient Enough for Energy Star

Mitsubishi Electric's M-series of ductless mini split heat pumps includes 24 units that have earned the U.S. Department Of Energy’s Energy Star label. This label denotes a unit that consumes at least one-third less electricity than a conventional system while producing equivalent or superior comfort results. Because cooling and heating represents about 50 percent of your home's energy consumption, the Energy Star rating stands for substantial savings.

Energy Star ductless heat pumps offer features like improved temperature control and comfort options. Mitsubishi Electric's M-series cooling and heating heat pump components are engineered to adapt to either single air handler mini-split installations, or to multi-split applications in which one outdoor unit serves multiple indoor air handlers, all with dedicated thermostats that make each room an individual cooling and heating zone.

Heat Pump Tax Credit

The popular 30 percent federal heat pump tax credit has also spurred the installation of Mitsubishi Electric ductless technology. Although the tax credit was allowed to lapse briefly, it has now been extended until the end of 2016. Up to $300 is available as a direct credit on federal taxes to defray the cost of purchase and installation of a ductless Energy Star heat pump with a minimum SEER rating of 16.

Energy Efficient Options

Mitsubishi Electric M-series ductless efficient heat pumps deliver consistent comfort to individual rooms when paired with multiple Mitsubishi Electric indoor air handlers. All units use R410A refrigerant, the EPA-approved replacement for R22, which is now being phased out. An indoor/outdoor combo installed in a home gives occupants the convenience of remote control temperature programming and fan speed settings. The indoor air handler components feature advanced filtration that removes airborne dust and other allergens to ensure healthy indoor air quality. Oscillating fan technology circulates air at the lowest noise levels. Installation of a ductless heat pump system in your home is an uncomplicated procedure that is now well-standardized in the industry. Since the complications and expense of installing ductwork is eliminated from the process, installation by trained technicians can often be completed in a single day.

The Mitsubishi Electric high efficiency heat pump M-series offers rated cooling capacity in the 8,100 to 9,000 BTU range and heating performance from 3,100 to 14,100 BTUs.

  • Mitsubishi Electric MUZ-GE09NA outdoor component paired with the MSZ-GE09NA8 air handler has a rated cooling capacity of 9,000 BTUs and an operating range from 3,800 to 12,200 BTUs. Heating capacity at 47 degrees Fahrenheit is 4,500 to 14,100 BTUs per hour. The package delivers a SEER rating of 21 for cooling and an HSPF of 10 for heating. The system accommodates a maximum refrigerant line-set length of 65 feet and requires a 15-amp breaker for the AC power supply.
  • The SUZ-KA09NA outdoor unit with the matching SEZ-KD09NA4 indoor air handler delivers an 8,100 BTU-rated cooling capacity with an operating range from 3,800 to 10,900 BTUs. At 47 degrees Fahrenheit, the heating capacity ranges from 4,800 to 14,100 BTUs. The SEER and HSPF ratings are 15 and 10 respectively and the system utilizes refrigerant line-set lengths up to 65 feet. Electrical requirements call for a 15-amp breaker.
  • The SUZ-KA09NA combined with the SLZ-KA09NA produces a rated 8,400 BTUs per hour cooling capacity with cooling operating performance that ranges from 3,100 to 10,900 BTUs. Heating capacities from 3,100 to 14,100 BTUs are generated at 47 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling performance is rated at 15 SEER and heating HSPF is 9.6. Installation with refrigerant line-sets up to 65 feet in length is permissible and a 15-amp breaker is required on the AC electrical supply.