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Mini Split vs. Window Unit

Are you rethinking your home's air conditioning — or planning to install air conditioning for the first time? If so, you may be wondering whether a mini split or window unit would be more suitable for your space and which type of cooling unit would better meet your family's air conditioning needs.

Many homeowners are unsure which type of unit would make the most sense for their home. To help you get a better idea of how each technology might work for you, the following section presents some of the differences between mini split air conditioners and window AC units. These two lists should help you better understand the main features of each type of technology and the considerations that can help you determine which of the two might be the better choice for your home.

Differences between Mini Splits and Window AC Units

The differences between a mini split AC unit and a window-mounted portable air conditioner are considerable. Use the list below to decide which type of unit has the features needed for your home.

Mini Split AC Units

Mini split systems offer single-room or single-zone cooling and:

  • Are more attractive and take up less space than window units
  • Won't block windows and may even be used in windowless rooms
  • Operate more quietly than most window air conditioners
  • Offer several options for unit style, including wall-mounted, recessed ceiling-mounted, free-standing and ducted models (which use short duct runs and registers to deliver cooling to your living space)
  • Are available as mini split heat pumps for heating and cooling or as mini split AC units exclusively for cooling
  • Are relatively quick and easy to install, though installation by your local Mitsubishi Electric ductless distributor is recommended for best results
  • Cost more to purchase and install but offset their higher initial cost through energy savings
  • Can lower the cost of room additions by removing the necessity for extending a home's existing ductwork

Window AC Units

Window air conditioners are also designed to cool a single-room or open area and:

  • Are simple to install and may be installed by the consumer
  • May be moved to other parts of your home as needed — except for windowless rooms
  • May require adjustments for use with certain window styles
  • Block the window, obscuring the view outside and preventing the entry of sunlight into the room
  • May create a security risk, allowing an intruder entry from outside
  • Interfere with the flow of fresh air into the room through the open window
  • Are heavy, bulky and difficult to move
  • Can be noisy to operate
  • Can be used in room additions without extending a home's existing ductwork — but only for cooling
  • Typically use a considerable amount of electricity, contributing to high utility bills, though some models are ENERGY STAR Qualified

How Much Do Mini Split Systems Cost?

Because so many variables exist in the size, power and other potential features of ductless mini split cooling systems, prices can vary considerably. Some homeowners even decide to purchase a ductless mini split heat pump rather than an AC unit, since heat pumps provide both heating and cooling. Since consumer needs vary so greatly, your local Mitsubishi Electric ductless distributor should be able to give you a more personalized estimate of the price range of the system you would need. By collecting specific information about your home, your air conditioning goals, and your current AC system, a local Mitsubishi Electric contractor can better assess your needs.

Where to Buy Mini Split Air Conditioners

Every Mitsubishi Electric ductless distributor in the U.S. should offer a good selection of mini split air conditioners, featuring models that are designed to fulfill the demands of a wide variety of cooling situations. Various system features are incorporated into these units to create mini split ductless air conditioning solutions that match individual homeowner preferences and meet specific home size and layout requirements. When you locate your local Mitsubishi Electric ductless distributor through, you'll be able to get the help you need in selecting the unit that's right for you. You'll also have access to expert installation, maintenance and other services that may be needed throughout the life of your equipment.

Where to Buy Multi Split and Mini Split Air Conditioners

While mini split air conditioners are convenient for cooling a single room or zone, multi split cooling technology allows homeowners to cool as many as eight different zones simultaneously by connecting up to eight indoor units to a single outdoor unit. These versatile systems also allow homeowners to control the temperature of each zone individually. Installing a multi split system can also lower construction costs for new homes by providing whole-home cooling while eliminating the need for adding ductwork.

Most Mitsubishi Electric ductless distributors carry both mini split and multi split systems. Your local ductless distributor can help you assess your needs and determine the appropriate-size outdoor unit and the number of indoor units that would provide the most effective cooling for your home. By searching our convenient distributor listings, you'll find a factory-authorized Mitsubishi Electric ductless distributor near you. A local contractor will be able to offer you the most personalized service, including expert system-selection advice, professional installation services and ongoing maintenance for your new ductless air conditioning system.